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BMC offers a host of Diagnostic Facilities & Services encompassing the latest in technological advancement, available under one roof, through the day by appointment and as required for emergency situations. All diagnostic units are coordinated by trained professionals and technicians, and supervised by leading consultants and specialists.


Cardiac : The Unit provides for 2-D Echocardiography and Doppler study , ECG,
Endoscopic :
BMC provides a vast range of diagnostic Endoscopies & procedures such as; Cystoscopy, Urethroscopy, Proctoscopy, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy,
Laboratory Services :
BMC has state of art well equipped fully computerized pathology lab .We maintain stringent quality assurance measures to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. This state-of-the-art laboratory provides all laboratory diagnostic services to the patient group visiting BMC.
The Laboratory is equipped with most modern automatic/ semi automatic analysers and cell counters. The Unit is manned by trained professionals, and supervised by a Pathologist. The services offered include the following;
Clinical Pathology :
All routine investigations are available, including Semen Analysis, complete range of Stool/ Urine tests (Albumin/ B-J Proteins/ Porphyrins), Pregnancy Tests.
Radiology Services:
Hospital has got Radiology deptt with Wipro GE make 4D Colour Doppler (Logic P5) Ultra Sound Machine with five probes and Siemens X-Ray with Fuji CR System. Radiology Deptt looked after by M.D. (Radoilogy) Doctor.
Ultrasound :
The unit is equipped with multi-frequency probes including facility for Trans-vaginal investigations. The equipment also caters to colour-flow imaging for vascular studies including carotids and peripheral vessels, in addition to evaluation of Foetal and Utero-Placental flow studies.
X-Ray :
The Unit is fully equipped with digital X-Ray to conduct all routine X-Rays and special investigations including; Intra-Venous Pyelography (IVP), Micturating Cysto-Urethrogram (MCU), Retrograde Pyelography (RGP), Sinogram, Silography, Fistulogram, Cologram, Barium-Swallow, Barium-Meal, Barium-Meal follow through study, Barium-enema, Gatrographin study, Hystero-Salphingography (HSG), Bronchogram, T-Tube Cholangiogram.

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